How can I receive financial releases?

You can register to receive CSN‘s releases by email in the Services/Email Alerts section.

How can I access presentations made by the Investor Relations department?

You can have access to all the presentations made by the Investor Relations department in the Presentations section.

How can I get information about Events related to investors?

The Calendar of Events section shows all the events scheduled for Investor Relations, as well as past events. There is a link to subscribe to receive information about upcoming events (Services/Email Alerts).

How can I get CSN‘s historical share prices?

There is a table with the online share/ADR price, both in the BMF&Bovespa and NYSE, in the Shareholder Info/Quotes and Charts section. To view a specific shares performance period, there is an interactive graphic, where you can choose the period to compare with other market indexes.

What is an ADR?

ADR means American Depositary Receipts. They are depositary receipts equivalent to CSN‘s shares and are traded on the NYSE. Thus, foreign investors who are willing to invest in CSN can trade ADRs instead of investing directly through the BM&FBovespa.

How can I purchase CSN‘s shares?

As CSN‘s shares are traded on the BM&FBovespa and the NYSE (ADRs), they can be purchased through brokerage firms (see details in the Shareholders Info/Additional Information to Investors section), in accordance with Stock Exchange regulations.

What is CSN‘s capital stock and what is its ownership structure?

There is a detailed description of CSN‘s capital stock in the Company/Ownership Breakdown section.

Where / how do I get information about shares / ownership structure?

There is a description of the procedures and places where CSN‘s shareholders can get assistance in the Shareholders Info/Clarification to Shareholders section.

What was the last dividend/interest paid by the Company?

There is a detailed description of CSN‘s dividends distribution in the Shareholder Info/Dividend Policy and History section.

What should I do to receive dividends/profits?

There is a description of the procedures and places where CSN‘s shareholders can get assistance in the Shareholders Info/Clarifications to Shareholders section.

Why does CSN calculate the adjusted EBITDA?

The adjusted EBITDA is the indicator used by the Company’s Management to assess the performance of the various segments and its capacity to generate operating cash flow. It comprises net income less the net financial result, income and social contribution taxes, depreciation and amortization, equity income and other operating revenues (expenses). Although it is used to measure the segments, it is not recognized by IFRS or Brazilian accounting practices, nor does it have a standard definition so it may not be comparable to similar indicators disclosed by other companies.

How do I get information about the steel market?

For more detailed information, please access the Instituto Aço Brasil – IABr’s (Brazil Steel Institute) website at http://www.acobrasil.org.br and the World Steel Association – WSA‘s website at http://www.worldsteel.org/.

Where are the Shareholders‘ Service Centers located?

Shareholders‘ services are available during banking hours at all Banco Bradesco‘s branches, preferably at branches specialized in securities. For further information, please refer to the Shareholder Info/Additional Information to Investors section.

How can I participate in the GSM/ESM?

General Shareholders‘ Meetings have to be held within the 4 (four) months after the end of the fiscal year, in order to approve the financial statements, allocation of profit, and elect the members of the Board of Directors. Any shareholder can participate. The meetings‘ call notices are published in newspapers chosen by the Company and on CSN‘s website. To receive information about these meetings, shareholders are recommended to register in the Services/Email Alerts section.

How do I contact the IR department?

The IR department‘s contact are available in the Services/Contact IR section.