Notice to the Market – Port of Itaguaí

Notice to the Market

São Paulo, April 16th, 2021  Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (“CSN”) and CSN Mineração S.A. (“CSN Mineração”) (together with CSN, the “Companies”), hereby announces to its shareholders and the market in general that were surprised this morning by an oversight of the City Of Itaguaí/RJ, determining the temporary interdiction of port operations at CSN Mineração’s  COAL Terminal – TECAR and Sepetiba Tecon Container Terminal, controlled by CSN, under alleged claims of irregularities in licensing and environmental crimes.

The Companies and its advisors are currently taking notice of the assessment terms and evaluating all necessary measures to maintain running operations.

CSN and CSN Mineração clarify that all environmental licenses for their port operations in Itaguaí/RJ are in force and that they operate under the best environmental practices.

CSN and CSN Mineração will keep the market informed about the developments of this fact.

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