CSN Convenes General Shareholders’ Meeting for proposals approval

Agenda: approval of a 1:3 stock split, cancellation and buy-back of shares and proposal for the payment of R$800 million in Dividends and Interest on Shareholders’ Equity

CSN’s Board of Directors approved the Executive Board’s proposal to submit the following matters to a General Shareholders Meeting:

1) Dividends: Payment of R$665,081,000.00 (six hundred and sixty-five million and eighty-one thousand Reais), equivalent to R$2.593011 per share on this date, as an advance on the minimum mandatory dividend payment.

2) Interest on Equity: Payment, also as an advance on the minimum mandatory dividend payment, of R$ 134,919,000.00 (one hundred and thirty-four million and nine hundred and nineteen thousand Reais) as Interest on Equity. Shareholders registered as such on this date will receive R$0.447118 per share, net of 15% withholding tax.

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