Material Fact

São Paulo, September 20, 2013 – COMPANHIA SIDERÚRGICA NACIONAL (“CSN”) and TRANSNORDESTINA LOGÍSTICA S.A. (“TLSA”) hereby inform their shareholders and the public in general that, in compliance with Resolution 4,041/2013 by the National Land Transportation Agency (“ANTT”) and ANTT Deliberation 37/2013, the following instruments were executed on this date: (i) Addendum to the Concession Agreement of the Northeast Railway System, which encompasses the stretches between the cities of São Luís and Mucuripe, Arrojado and Recife, Itabaiana and Cabedelo, and Paula Cavalcante and Macau (“Railway System I”) and of Missão Velha – Salgueiro, Salgueiro – Trindade, Trindade – Eliseu Martins, Salgueiro – Porto de Suape and Missão Velha – Porto de Pecém (“Railway System II”), to include certain obligations assumed by TLSA in relation to the implementation of Railway System II, as well as the adjustment of the stretches that it comprises, and (ii) Conduct Adjustment Agreement between ANTT and TLSA, aiming to settle pending matters between the parties.

The following instruments were also executed on this date: (i) a new Shareholders’ Agreement of TLSA between CSN, Valec Engenharia, Construções e Ferrovias S.A. (“Valec”), Fundo de Desenvolvimento do Nordeste – FDNE (“FDNE”) and BNDES Participações S.A. – BNDESPAR (“BNDESPAR”), with TLSA acting as intervening party, whose effectiveness is conditioned to the disproportionate spin-off of TLSA, to be implemented pursuant to ANTT Resolution 4,042/2013; and (ii) Investment Agreement between CSN, Valec and FDNE, with TLSA acting as intervening party, which, among other matters, addresses the necessary investments in TLSA for the implementation of Railway System II.

The Railway System II project had its conclusion terms adjusted and envisages a funding of approximately R$7.5 billion (reference April 2012) for the construction of 1,728 kilometers of track, of which R$4.1 billion had already been invested by June 2013.

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