Notice to the Market – Disposal of Material Equity Interest



COMPANHIA SIDERÚRGICA NACIONAL hereby informs, in accordance with art. 12 of CVM Instruction nº 358/2002, as amended, which received communication from ESPÓLIO DE FABIO STEINBRUCH, in the following terms:


“ESPÓLIO DE FABIO STEINBRUCH, whose inventory is in progress before the 7th Family and Succession Court of the Central Court of the District of São Paulo, in this act representing by its inventor Ms. Clarice Steinbruch, Brazilian, judicially separated, business administrator, resident and domiciled in the City and District of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, with business address at Rua General Jardim, 808, 13th floor, CEP 01223-010, bearer of the identity card of Registro Geral no. 7.526.365-8 SSP/SP and registered in the Individual Taxpayer Registry, of the Ministry of Finance under n. 032.473.948-69, (hereinafter simply “Fabio’s Estate”), as an indirect shareholder of COMPANHIA SIDERURGICA NACIONAL (“CSN”), hereby announces that as a result of the inventory process no. 0078752-60.2012.8.26.0100, the indirect participation of Fabio’s Estate in CSN’s share capital exceeded, below, the level of 5% of the common shares issued by this company.

Being what we had to communicate, we remain at your disposal for any clarifications that may be necessary.”


São Paulo, January 22, 2020.


Marcelo Cunha Ribeiro

 Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer