Notice to the Market – Segregation of Iron Ore Activities


COMPANHIA SIDERÚRGICA NACIONAL, as a complement to the notice to the market released on September 28, 2009, informs that its Board of Directors, in a meeting held on December 15, 2009, (i) approved the segregation of assets related to the iron ore business and correlated logistics activities, upon the transfer, to a Company’s subsidiary, of assets, rights and obligations comprising said business, including the investments in operating companies related to such business; (ii) authorized the Company’s Executive Management to hire appraisal companies to provide the accounting valuation of said assets, rights and obligations; and (iii) authorized the Company’s Executive Management to take all measures, identify and obtain eventual previous authorizations necessary for the implementation of said segregation, including, but not limited to, authorizations from governmental bodies and third parties. The implementation of acts described in items (ii) and (iii) is expected to occur during the first quarter of 2010.

Rio de Janeiro, December 16, 2009

Paulo Penido Pinto Marques
Investor Relations Executive Officer

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