Shareholders’ Meeting Call Notice

Shareholders’ Meeting Call Notice

The Shareholders of COMPANHIA SIDERÚRGICA NACIONAL are hereby summoned to attend the Extraordinary Shareholders‘ Meeting to be held on September 3, 2009, at 11:00 a.m., at the Company’s headquarters, located at Rua São José nº 20, 16º andar – Grupo 1602, Centro, in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro, in order to resolve on the following Agenda:

1. cancellation of 29,684,400 (twenty-nine million, six hundred eighty-four thousand and four hundred) shares currently held in treasury, with no capital reduction;

2. amendment to Article 5 of the Company’s Bylaws in order to reflect the share cancellation mentioned in item 1 above.

Those shareholders whose shares are held in custody should present a statement of their shareholdings issued by the custodian institution, while those willing to be represented by an Attorney-in-Fact should observe the provisions in Article 126, paragraph 1 of Law 6,404/76, duly delivering the respective power(s) of attorney authorizing their representation at the Extraordinary Shareholders‘ Meeting, which is the object of this Call Notice, at the Company’s headquarters no later than 72 (seventy-two) hours prior to said Meeting.

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