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How do I get a 2nd copy of the earnings report for the adjusted annual statement of income tax?


– The bookkeeping of CSN‘s shares is held by Banco Bradesco S.A. which carries out the service for shareholders. Bank account holders can access their account at

The 2nd copy of the earnings report for the adjusted annual statement of income tax can be obtained online on the websites mentioned above. In case of doubts, please contact the Shareholders Care Center of the Banco Bradesco S.A. – custodian agent of CSN‘s shares by phone: (0800 701 1616).

How To Invest In Stocks?

Before investing in stocks, it is important to visit the BM&FBovespa website, on the Educational/For Beginners section where educational content is available for those who want to learn to better deal with their money, organize their personal finances and start investing in the Stock Market.

Access by clicking here “How to Invest in the stock market in 4 steps”.

Once the decision to invest in stocks is taken, the next step is to look for a brokerage firm. Evaluate the brokerage firm that suits you and the way you manage your money. You can evaluate, for example, the services it offers to better understand if they match the way you handle your investments. Do you intend to invest through the internet? Or would you prefer a telephone contact? If you are used to invest through the internet, for example, ask the brokerage firm if it has the option to negotiate online (the name of this service is home broker) and if you can learn more about the system before opening an account.

Now that you know how to choose your brokerage firm, click here at Search Brokerages registered with the BM&F Bovespa to select those you would like to call and get more information from. A list of the services offered, as well as the minimum investment accepted by the brokerage firm will also be available.



Make sure to analyze the global and national economic environment before buying shares. Inflation, interest rates, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth and other economic indicators can improve or worsen the expectations for the growth and profits of certain companies, as well as the price of their shares.

Analyze through newspapers and the media in general the perspectives of the business sector in which you want to invest, given the economic situation.

Find out information about the financial health of the company you want to invest. Get its share historical price.
Make simulations. There are investment simulators that can give you an idea of how the market works before investing your money in the Stock Exchange. Use the simulators on the websites of some online brokerage firm.

Do not invest if you do not like to take risks. Share prices may vary from gains to high losses on the Stock Exchange.


Where are CSN‘s shares traded?

CSN‘s shares are listed on the Bovespa under the symbol “CSNA3”. In the NYSE, CSN‘s shares in the form of ADRs are listed under the symbol “SID”.


Where / How Do I Get Information About CSN’s Shares / Ownership Position?

The bookkeeping of CSN’s shares is carried out by Banco Bradesco S.A., which is responsible for serving shareholders in its branch network throughout Brazil. Shareholders who are Bradesco account holders can obtain their shareholding position by following these steps on the Internet Banking website: Home Broker/Minha Conta/Consulta de Ativos Escriturais .

Shareholders who are not Bradesco account holders and whose book-entry shares are held in custody by Bradesco may obtain their shareholding position at any Bradesco branch throughout Brazil.

Shareholders whose shares are held in custody by B3 through a brokerage firm should contact their respective brokerage firms in order to get information on their shareholding positions and to update their personal registration data.

In order to enjoy all the advantages provided by book-entry shares, shareholders must keep their personal registration data updated and inform Banco Bradesco S.A. of any change of address or bank account for payment credit.

Shareholders who may still hold bearer shares must present their respective share certificates at any branch of Banco Bradesco S.A. to convert their bearer shares into book-entry shares.